Can I get my refund back?I have payed a course I don't need

I 'd like to subscribe monthly yesterday.But I have met some error when I pay for it. But after I subscribe to it, I found a course ROS Basics in 5 Days I have payed.The course I don’t need. So I subscribe monthly yesterday for openai_ros course.So I want to return and get my money(€139.0) back. Can I get my refund back? Thanks

Hi Xianjin,

Thank you for subscribing to our Academy.

I have refunded your payment of €139. The funds should appear on your statement in 7-10 days.

With your monthly subscription, you have access to all courses except the premium ones, so you don’t have to buy individual courses.

Thanks again and, by the way, welcome to the Community!

Thank you very much!

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