Can i recover a previous version of my Rosject?

I hope someone can help, I have accidentally deleted a launch folder i had been working on for months, for my university dissertation
Is there any way to recover a previous version of my Rosject?
The autosave was on, do these overwrite existing autosaves or create new save files?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

We can try to recover a version of your rosject before this date…what is the name of this rosject?

“Drone path planning project”

I restored a version saved on April 6. I think you deleted the launch folder after that (on the 9th, maybe).

That is correct, been trying to get that work back for a while. Thank you for your help.
Do i need to do anything to access this restored version?

You are welcome.
Just launch the rosject. The restored version will download automatically.

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