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Hi All,

I have got my own real turtlebot 3 and I have created an Rosject and I would like to test it. I know we can connect our Rosject to the real robot in spain, but is there a way to connect to our personal one? Any reference would be appreciated.


same as here !!
if there is a course or live class for that, please let us know

There was this package but the page now shows it as out of date:
How to use Real Robot Connection in ROS Development Studio - The Construct (

From the home page though it shows you can set up your own lab so I’m guessing they’re working on it.

Hi @mohammed.sahadatalam @MoradHaimour and @keegan.neave ,

we have been working into allowing anyone to create his own remote lab. That means, provide to the world his robot remotely. This also implies you being able to control your local robot from the ROSDS.

  • The system is ready and its setup is easily explained in this video. As you can see it is very straight forward
  • The remote lab is only available for teachers, but if you want to try to connect your own robots, I can provide you with some extra benefits so you can create your own lab and connect your local robot to the ROSDS.
  • Unfortunately, this offer is only for to subscribers of The Construct (not for free users).

Please contact me if you want me to provide those extra benefits and test your local robot connection


That looks brilliant! I’m not ready to hook my robot up yet, I’m still going through and developing the various packages for it, but would love to try it out at some point.

Will be it be generally available for all subscribers at some point or only intended for teachers still?

@keegan.neave it is going to be available to all subscribers. If you reach the point that you want to try with your real robot but we still don’t provide to individuals, let me know and I’ll arrange that for you

Brilliant, thank you!

It’ll be for this robot by the way so having something like this would be brilliant to be able to demo it online :slight_smile:
What Went Wrong At PiWars and What Comes Next? - YouTube

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