Exercise 3.4 typo?

Is there a typo in this exercise? is it “circle” or “square” in the cpp/launch file names? I’m confused. How many files should I build?
the problem exists in the solution too.
also, it can mention that we can choose to include the server’s launch in the client’s launch file.

Hi @wangxiaolong0830,

I apologize for the confusion. You are right, we should update that. We meant to say “circle”.

Yes, it’s a typo. It’s “circle”.

You should have 2 different C++ files, one for the server and the other for the client. You can also have two different launch file, and you can have the client’s launch file include the server’s launch file so that when you run the call, the server is started. You need to setup other files like CMakeList.txt as shown in the examples.

Sorry about this, we’ll correct it.

Yep, I’m glad you know that, but it might cause some noise here since the topic isn’t about minimizing launch files. We’re pretty sure you’ll find out later if you keep pushing your ROS learning :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say this still has not been corrected. I’m glad the answer was here but the typo still exists.