I can't get live class rosject Project ros_live_class_n11_code.zip

When I clicked the button “get live class ros projct” under live class#11 video, the rosject didn’t showup.

It looks like there is a problem with that series of states machines. Please use this one: http://www.rosject.io/l/280a0e52-d8d0-4025-baf9-9e5833538728/

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Thank you very much!

I couldn’t find smart_grasping_sandbox folder in notebook_ws folder and there is no simulation for it. I am interested in training the shadow robot.

Hi @naramethn,

That is because the smart_grasping_sandbox package is not inside the ~/notebooks_ws

You can find the path to the package with the command below:

roscd smart_grasping_sandbox

In case you want to have a look in the code, we basically installed from github:


Thank you very much!

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