I can't launch the simulator+notebook

Hey dear, I subscribed and paid to the ROS in 5 days course with 10E category, I used to have a notebook+simulator tab that is similar to that in the course videos at the beginning(first 2 chapters) but now I cant find any way to launch this simulator+notebook tab which is necessary to run the codes.
I only find an option of “Start video sessions” next to the course name with no other options
Can you please tell me if there is a problem or am I even supposed to change or upgrade to other category to have access to the online simulator ?

Hi @georgefekry07,

Thanks for subscribing to our service and welcome to the Community!

I apologize for the confusion. The plan you have chosen grants access only to video lessons, as the name (Video lessons only) suggests. To access to the Practise Labs (the simulation environment), you need to upgrade to one of the Videos + Practise Labs options.

I hope this clarifies. Please let me know if you have other queries.