IDE doesn't show argument/method/attribute anymore

I started ROSBasicIn5Days 5 days ago. At the beginning, the integrated IDE was displaying argument/method/attribute when I was starting type something.
Since 1 or 2 days, the IDE doesn’t display these useful informations anymore.

example: If I type


the ide doesn’t show “init_node”

Is there a problem somewhere?

Hello @stephane.peneau,

First of all, thanks for the feedback. I will let the team know about this issue and I will give you an answer as soon as we have a solution.


Hi @stephane.peneau,

the issue was introduced by an upgrade that we did recently.

Thanks to your feedback, we were able to solve the problem today and the fixes are already on production.

Now the system should autocomplete without any problems.

Once again, thanks for letting us know.

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