Incorrect transform data final project

Hi everyone
I have problems with TF values in the final project…
Thanks again

Hi again
I thought it was solved by following the instructions described in ROS2 Nav2 Course project problems to another student but, even the transform data seems to be ok, the map includes an extra area ¿?
Thanks again


The extra area has nothing to do with the TF issue. The TFs were probably not connected because the amcl initial pose hadn’t been set yet.

As for the map, that is not an issue. For some reason the mapper thought there was a hole in that location and it printed it out in the map. This is ok though, it won’t affect anything.

Thanks @roalgoal!! The TF issue was solved by changing the parameters tracking_frame and TRAJECTORY_BUILDER_2D.use_online_correlative_scan_matching.
Ok for the map, then.
Thanks again!

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