Project based Learning Path - a suggestion

Hello, I would appreciate a learning path for advanced ROS2 concepts, which assumes that someone has completed other courses before (e.g. manipulation, navigation and so on). For example, there could be a course where you build a factory environment from scratch, which contains two mobile robots and two manipulators which interact with each other. To make this tasks more difficult for the robots to complete there could be workers working around. The course could be something like the EDX course Hello ROS which was only oriented on ROS1. Such a project could improve someone’s portfolio to find a job in robotics and to showcase the teaching quality of theconstruct. Especially, for people who have done a one year subscription this would be an awesome opportunity to learn complex and combined things. I am also thinking to renew for a one year subscription and such an opportunity would make my decision much easier.

Hi Michail,

Thank you so much for your suggestion. Let me discuss this with my team and get back to you!

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Thank you @bayodesegun Hope this will be considered, because I suppose this is a very good additional opportunity for everyone to get more practical and job oriented experience.

Awesome suggestion @robo_mike !!! Making a plan to include this right now!!

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Hi @rtellez I’m glad that you like the idea also. I’m looking forward to this kind of course :sunny:

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