Robot doesn't get food in the exercise 3.1

in the exercise 3.1, when i launched the my_robot_arm_demo.launch, it didn’t show me any error but the robots arm didn’t move or perform the trajectory.

Where is the problem?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @delethai.mai,

Are you able to resolve this yet? If not, are you starting the service that moves the robot arm in your launch file, as hinted in this instruction snippet?

  • Create a launch called my_robot_arm_demo.launch , that starts the /execute_trajectory service. As explained in the Example 3.3, this service is launched by the launch file start_service.launch , which is in the package iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory .

Thanks for your help, i have resolved the issue!

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Hi @delethai.mai how did you solve it? Can you help me out as well? Thanks

Hi @shahramnajam.neduet, could you please paste the content of your launch file here?

my problem was that i had an error in my launch file. Can you show us the content of that?

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Hi! I also came across the same problem. I copied the code from the solution but still the robot has no respond.

  <include file="$(find iri_wam_reproduce_trajectory)/launch/start_service.launch"/>
  <!-- Here will go our python script that calls the execute_trajectory service -->
<node pkg ="unit_3_services"

@kailin.tong, it seems everything is fine in your case, as far as the launch file is concerned.

Please try the following:

  • change to a unit with a different simulation and then back to this unit, to “refresh” the simulation and then try running your code again.

Hi, I had managed to get it to work eventually. The problem has something to do with my internet connection because when I was using this on a faster network it worked like a charm. hoping this would help you out @kailin.tong

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