Robot Ignite Academy Continuously Trying to Charge my Card with no Active Subscription

Just a warning to other users:

  • I am no longer an active subscriber of Robot Ignite Academy
  • I am not signed up for recurring billing
  • I was not sent any email in advance saying that they would attempt to charge my card, or that a new billing period was starting.
  • I have deleted my billing details from my account but they still attempted to charge me

I am lucky that my card blocked the transaction. Otherwise I would be doing a chargeback. Make sure that you use a one time card when signing up with RIA, they appear to be having some issues with their billing system or are actively trying to scam their customers.

Good luck!


Sorry about your bad experience, but things are NOT the way you have said them here:

  • Our service is recurring by default, and we indicate this on our subscription page. When you sign up, you will be automatically billed at the next billing cycle (month or year) unless you cancel before the next billing date.
  • As you did not cancel, you were still an active subscriber of the Academy and so the system tried to bill you.
  • Deleting your billing details does not cancel the subscription. It has to be canceled with a button on your profile.

Once in a while, there may be issues with billing, and we always resolve it and refund our clients where necessary. We even have a 30-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied clients. We are a serious business and are well-known in the ROS Community and are not in any way scamming our clients.