Rosjet update what does it mean?

i was working on the project and that message showed i am about to finish my project and make a presentation so i can get the certificate
what does this message means does it mean i need to do all the work again :disappointed_relieved:

Screenshot 2023-03-11 004832

Hi @80601 ,

Even some of my Rosjects have an update that I have never did because I did not want to.

But you can update your rosject if you want. But make sure you backup your files before proceeding with the update.

Go inside your rosject and right click on the src folder inside catkin_ws (since you are working on a ROS1 rosject). On the menu click on “Download” and save it to your personal computer.

Then you can update the rosject and copy the files back into the rosject’s IDE.


what is the meaning of that update is it just like fixes and so or it changes the project instructions and also can i complete my current project and the presentation so i can get the certificate or not

Hi @80601,

the update can be anything in the parent rosject, like updates in the notebooks, simulations used in the workspace, etc.

You are not obliged to update your rosject with the parent updates because it will also undo your local changes.

So, as Girish said, if you want to update, make sure you make a backup before.

If your rosject is already working nicely, you don’t need to do an update.