Sphero /cmd_vel linear.Y

Can the Sphero actually move by giving it velocity on direction other than X?
I tried Y and Z and sphero doesn’t move an inch so i am wondering if the only way to have it turn left and right would be to give it velocity on angular Z and linear X at the same time?

Hi @hammer,

No, the only directions applicable to this robot are linear.x and angular.z.
linear.y is not applicable, for example, because the robot cannot fly!

Yes, but not exactly. When you want to turn the robot, it’s better to set linear.x to 0 (or at least very close to zero) so that the robot does not go in a circle and you can have an “accident-free” turn. If driving a real vehicle, you would would want to slow down or stop completely before making a turn, wouldn’t you? You will then set angular.z to a positive or negative value depending on the direction you want to turn.

When you want to move straight, you also need to set angular.z to 0.

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Thanks @bayodesegun!

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