Suggestions and Advices for Applying Visual SLAM and Autonomous navigation on a Drone of my design and making

Hello guys, I wish you’re doing well. This Semester I got to do my Undergraduate project at IUT and I’m willing to apply SLAM on a pre-built drone. Of course before applying it in real life I must have a complete simulation and a hundred percent working project on Gazebo and Rviz. So I need some help regarding this. What course may I enroll that can help in my project, at least for my simulation part? What ROS packages do I need and is there any other suggestions that may help me achieve the goal? And does ROS support any drone even though it is self-made? If not what drone does ROS support? …

Best Regards,
Nabil Haidar.

Hi @nabil.haidar1998,

For the courses, I would recommend getting started with ROS Basics in 5 Days Python and then Programming Drones with ROS:

As for the packages that you might find helpful, you can first try looking if there is something ROS related to the specific drone you are using. You can also check out the parrot ardrone:

Finally for the visual SLAM, perhaps you want to take a look at RTABMAP and see if it fits your needs:

ROS2 Basics in 5 Days (Python)

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