Turtlebot3 how to launch multiple robots in Autonums collision avoidance

Hi everybody,

I’m new here and a beginner in ROS and I hope to find some solution for a school project.

I would like to launch SLAM with multiple Turtlebot3 but with Autonomous collision Avoidance. I already know how to teleoperate the robots with my keyboard, but I would like them to move autonomously. It is possbile to do it with one robot but not with multiples.

Rosject : SWARM Behaviour (wassim97it)

Nodes: :

1) roslaunch turtlebot3_gazebo multi_turtlebot3.launch to have the 3 robots simulation.

2) roslaunch turtlebot3_gazebo turtlebot3_simulation.launch to move one robot autonomously and avoid obstacles.

The multiple SLAM works but I have tocommand every robot by hand, not very prectical.

Best regards.

Hi @wassim97it,

It’s an interesting project!

Here are some hints:

  • Each robot should have a unique cmd_vel topic, which you can programmatically control.
  • Similarly, each robot might a different laser (or similar), mapped to a unique laser scan topic, which can be used for obstacle avoidance.

Based on the above, you need to thoughtfully write some custom code that will get each of the robots moving and make them avoid obstacles. This would be similar to the one for one robot, but it needs to be modified to consider multiple robots.

Hi @bayodesegun thank your for your response. I’m sure that’s gonna be very useful.

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