Unit not completed?

Hi, I just finished my first course (Linux for robotics) but my progress is about 50%

I’m completely sure that I had successfully done all the exercises and read the documentation.

I don’t know if this course gives certification, but I would love to see that bar full in order to keep progressing :joy::joy:

Thank you for the feedback, we’ll look into this and let you know.

In the mean time, please don’t let this bother you - the completion percentage is just a visual aid and it does not affect your performance in the course.

I have the same problem. I finished Linux for Robotics, but I have 50% complete. Thanks

I have a similar issue in the ROS Control Course, the progress stuck in the 14%. And the green icon which appears normally in the top left corner does not appear. It was useful to complete the unit.


I and a few classmates are experiencing the same issue. In the ROS2 Basics in 5 days (Python) our progress is not being recorded, which is unfortunate because our school sponsors our subscription and we are being actively graded based on this progress. Would love to see a fix soon. Thanks!

I have completed till the third part in ROS Basics in 5 days (Python) but the progress bar is stuck at 25%. It is showing that the 3rd part hasn’t been completed even though I have completed the exercise and read the notebook fully.

Dear All,

We have made a change that allow you to mark any unit as completed by using the button provided on the simulation and course details page. This is in addition to the automatic completion done by the system.

We are working to improve this system so that in the future we can have a more holistic system for checking that the a unit has been completed.

Thank you for your patience.