Urgent - ros exam

Please I have done a great mistake accidentaly. I uploaded my passport photo and and my web cam photo minutes ago to have the exam.
Then later I have logout the area to finish a review reading after begin the exam. I accessed again the exam icon, expecting I would have the same interface, “proceed to exam”, however it was opening the exam area. But I did not let to load it and came back to review more material…When I went back to see my scores it is there grade 0 for exam. and that I have already done my first attempt…but this is not true…because I did not write any code there. Please could you see this issue for me and give my 2 chances back. You can verify that I accessed minutes ago this area, and did not tried anything and also didn’t see which is being asked in the exam…I am very worried about this…Please send me a feedback…because I have thought that some struction would be given to me after I push some “magical” button, such as start exam now!!! I studied a lot for this test.
If you wish I can keep trying the exam right now…but it is not fair lose the first attempt, because of a plataform or individual mistake…
would like my chance to do the exam back. I am very frustrated to have pressed the button of the exam area accidentaly (I thought it would be like the first time, where there was a blank area with instructions and just there later I would choose to press a start button, however this area was not there anymore and the exam area began loading…so I stopped and cameback to the ROG Beginner page because I still needed to review some code in ROS 5 days I was not sure about…however it is being counted that I tried to do the exam, which is not fair and not true, what could I do?

@marcusvini178 You can now retry exams as many times as you wish. For Quizzes, you can retry five times.

Please let us know if this clarifies.

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ok @bayodesegun I was very worried because of this…Because I spent 3 months, and long days to finish all the exercises you provided me, and do this exam with successfull and receive a certification from your enterprise for me is a question of honor and would be very proud of it! thanks very much. In this way I will try now, and keep more calm, that I will have another chance if I fail!

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@bayodesegun however the quizzes was just 2 times when I coursed. Now can I have more attempts? Because I wish to improve my grade on ROS basics, which I began last year and was not so familiar with ROS…now I will try redo some projects to increase my grade if possible. However I did not see available the quiz…I know the solutions were provided, so just the move sphero robot (project) was not provided the solutions for me, so if you could enable this quiz I would like to try it, to improve my grade…(this is fair because I did not see the solution, if you agree…if not I can understand because it is similar the turtlebot project which I tried the first time and did partially right…)

I forgot to add the condition for multiple retries:

  • For the Exams and the Quizzes, you will not be able to retry once you have viewed the solution.

So, for the Quizzes, if you have not viewed the solution before now, you can retry them.

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Yes look at the end of the page…I did not see the solution for this project (it is not available) Can I retry it? Because the quiz is not available on the top of the page. However I have seen the solution of the other project, which seems similar, is this why the quiz was considered already done for me?

Hi @marcusvini178,

Yes, you can retry the projects as much as you want, but we are not grading them (so you don’t need to submit it). The purpose of the projects is to prepare you for the Final Exam.

In order to achieve a passing grade and get a certificate, you need to pass all the Quizzes and Exams on the path. Please check that you have done all the quizzes in all courses on the path. For instance, I see you have not completed the following quizzes in the ROS Basics in 5 Days course:

  • Understanding ROS Topics - Subscribers & Messages
  • Understanding ROS Services - Server

To see how you are doing currently, please click on the “View Your Scores” button at the bottom of the ROS for Beginners Path page.

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Ok @bayodesegun thanks for the hint! Actually I have done these cited quizzes not completely right of the first time, and then I had a second attempt. Now with the concepts more worked during the course I could redo the quiz and achieved a better grade.
And YES!! I overcome the grade 8 to receive the certification, and I am very happy with this. And I would not achieve without the support from @staff. Thanks everyone!

I very excited to begin the new module of ROS for Self-driving car! Do you provide certification for this module?
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your feedback. We don’t have a certification for the ROS for Self-driving Cars module at this time, but we may have it soon!

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