"use_gui" depricated when launching urdf


I am trying to visualize the mira_simple.urdf

With the following launch file:

<param name="use_gui" value="TRUE"/>

I used this command on the shell: roslaunch my_mira_description urdf_visualize.launch model:=’$(find my_mira_description)/urdf/mira_simple.urdf’

And I get this error:

[WARN] [1584305559.128141, 1379.930000]: The ‘use_gui’ parameter was specified, which is deprecated. We’ll attempt to find and run the GUI, but if this fails you should install the ‘joint_state_publisher_gui’ package instead and runthat. This backwards compatibility option will be removed in Noetic.

Not sure what can I do. Tried installing the package joint_state_publisher_gui but not sure what type of changes I would need to make to the launch file.

Hello @crecheverri,

Don’t worry about this message. I just tested this exercises and it works properly. Just proceed with the Exercise normally.