11/12/2019 : Part 2 : How to give a service

This question is related to there theory part and specifically the ‘rosservice call /my_service [TAB]+[TAB]’.
When I do this i’m just getting ‘rosservice call /my_service “{}”’ and i input my_callback :‘Empty’ I’m getting error. The screen shot is attached below for reference. Kindly help

Hi @sanjayatj,

You don’t need to input anything to that call - just hit ENTER/RETURN after pressing TAB TAB.

The service takes an Empty message. When calling such a service from the command line, you only pass an empty argument list - "{}". But ROS autocomplete graciously fills this in for you when you press TAB TAB, so you just need to hit ENTER after that!

@bayodesegun Got it. Thank you! The thing is, i actually did as given in the theory and i was looking for out put in the wrong place (on the webshell instead of below the code). But thanks to your explanations, i was able to understand the concept better.

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