2D pose Estimate button not working when Rviz is in 3D mode

I am in the 3 unit of the course: Map creation .
I was trying to move the robot with keyboard all over the map , so that the robot creates its own Map using the LaserScan. But sometimes when It gets close to the wall , it gets stuck. I thought about using the button 2d pose Estimate. i remember I used it to change the robot’s position in the course “ros basics in 5 days” and it was a 2D visualization there. But it seems not working in 3D . Any ideas how can I move the robot ?

Hi @mouidsakka01 ,

When you are creating the map, you should only explore the area with teleop program.
You should use 2D Pose Estimate button on Rviz only when:

  1. You have the map created already and providing the map with map_server.
  2. Your amcl node is running to perform localization on the map.

If you want to bring the robot back to path, if you are on simulation or real robot, just use teleop.
(You can also use translate in simulation if you know how to do that!).

You do not operate with Rviz in 3D mode in this course. I am sure about this.

Simulation - either by teleop program or use gazebo translate method.
Real robot - teleop program only (same as the on-screen joystick)!


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Thank you for the answer!