7. Autonomous Navigation II - Exercise 4.2

In exercise 4.2 we’re told to “drive” the robot with:
rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard teleop_twist_keyboard.py /cmd_vel:=/part2_cmr/cmd_vel
This doesn’t work.

A quick look at rostopic list shows robot1/cmd_vel is the topic, so the command should be:
rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard teleop_twist_keyboard.py /cmd_vel:=/robot1/cmd_vel

On the bright side - I’m troubleshooting faster, so I must be learning something :slight_smile:


PS - I’ve mentioned this in previous posts, but the numbering scheme of the lessons drives the OCD part of me crazy so I’ll vent for a second. At the bottom of the screen we have “7 - Autonomous Navigation II”. At the top of the lesson it’s titled “Unit 5: Navigating with RIAbot (ORB-SLAM2)”, but then the exercise is labeled “4.2”. For the love of turtles - is it not possible to be consistent with lesson numbering???
OK - I feel better now :robot:

Haha, lol :smiley:

You are totally right! We have to be more consistent with the numbering, but its always the last thing in the pile of issue to solve I’m afraid. But in any case, we will start fixing that slowly ;).
Thanks pointing out the issues , as always thanks a lot!

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