A Student of mine has all kind of access errors

Hi, Since the student can’t login to the forum I’m writing the message on her behalf. Username: Maframov
The error when she tries to connect to the forum is:

Also, she has the Quiz Check hanging (maximum 32 minutes until she gave up) at the Python for robotics course.

Another weird error is this popup when trying to enter a course (URDF, ROS in 5 Days, python for robotics, etc.)

Could you try to resolve some of the issues please?

Hi Ziv,

Thank you for letting us know about these problems.

Regarding the login issue, users can log in to the forum by clicking on the ? button on the simulation page and other pages of the app, at the bottom-right corner:

The other two errors are coming from the fact that the old Python 3 course has been deactivated and replaced by a newer one (Noetic version). I apologize for this glitch. This is only happening for the Python 3 course. While we fix the broken link, please launch the new course using the following link: https://app.theconstructsim.com/#/Course/58.

For any follow-up on these issues, kindly as the student to log in to the forum and reply to this post.

Thanks again.