A valid control could not be found


I am doing exercise 5.6 and I got a problem

I set an object on the map then I set a goal on the object, I get message “Aborting because a valid control could not be found. Even after executing all recovery behaviors”

Although I use the carrot planner for global planner and DWA for local planner, it can not work.

So do you have any solution for that problem. I want my robot still moves to as near as possible the goal?


If I understand correctly, you already have move_base running correctly, and you can send goals to a free area of the map, and the robot goes there. Correct?

Is your issue with a dynamic obstacle then? or a static one in the map?

Please share some screenshots that explain your situation, also that message you talk about so I can help you more.

Yes, you understand my case.

I set a goal on the dynamic obstacle and static obstacle, it also can not found path

That’s something Nav2 can’t do as far as I know. You would need to build a program on top of it to deal with those situations.

If you send a goal to a free area in the map, but that has a dynamic obstacle in reality, the goal will fail. The robot can avoid it, it just can’t reach the specified location.

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