Account to transfer & package per year

I’m in Thailand country I have 2 question
1.Do you have account for transfer ? Because I’m register of the name company and want receipt in the name company.
2.I want to know about detail and package (cost)per year for learning in this website.

Thang you & best regards

Hi @Kritsanee

Thank you for reaching out to us about this.

  • Kindly visit the subscription page to see the packages and their prices.
    • Ensure you select the yearly option if you want the yearly package.
  • I recommend paying by credit card from that page, as that is faster and easier.
    • Once you click the “subscribe” button, you can enter your company details for the receipt.

@bayodesegun Thank you for your answer.
I have another question,Do you have quotation or Invoice for me ? I’m interest package 439 euro/year.

Thank you & best regards

You are welcome. Yes, we have an invoice for you.

  • The fastest way is to pay by credit card on the subscription page and get an get an invoice automatically sent to your email.
  • If required, you could also request a quotation by sending a request for quote to