Action server is not sending results


Im finishing the rosject in the ros basic in five days python version, I miss only to send the result after a lap is done. I think that my code is done for that but I somehow when the total distance >= lap condition is met, the while loop keeps running and the result isnt sent to the client. Please could someone help me?

so far, the client gets the feedback and I can see that the distance is ok, so more or less a lap is 6,5 meters. But when the while loop meets the condition, keeps running

Here is my code:

#! /usr/bin/env python

from math import degrees, sqrt
import rospy
import actionlib
import numpy as np

from real_robot.msg import OdomRecordAction, OdomRecordResult, OdomRecordFeedback
from nav_msgs.msg import Odometry
from geometry_msgs.msg import Point32
from tf.transformations import euler_from_quaternion

class move_turtle(object):
    # create messages that are used to publish feedback and results
    _feedback = OdomRecordFeedback()
    _result = OdomRecordResult()

    def __init__(self):
        # creates the action server
        self._as = actionlib.SimpleActionServer("record_odom", OdomRecordAction, self.callback, False)
        self.ctrl_c = False
        self.rate = rospy.Rate(1)
        self.first_run = True
        self.total_distance = 0.
        self.previous_x = 0
        self.previous_y = 0
        self.previous_z = 0

    def call_record_odom(self,data):

        self.odomData.x = data.pose.pose.position.x
        self.odomData.y = data.pose.pose.position.y
        self.odomData.z = data.pose.pose.orientation.z

    def callback(self,goal):

        rospy.loginfo("executing odometry record")

        self.subodom = rospy.Subscriber('/odom', Odometry, self.call_record_odom)
        lap = 6
        while total_distance < lap:

                self.previous_x = abs(self.odomData.x)
                self.previous_y = abs(self.odomData.y)
            x = abs(self.odomData.x)
            y = abs(self.odomData.y)
            z = self.odomData.z

            d_increment = sqrt(pow((abs(x) - abs(self.previous_x)),2) + pow((abs(y) - abs(self.previous_y)),2))
            self.total_distance = self.total_distance + d_increment

            self.previous_x = self.odomData.x
            self.previous_y = self.odomData.y
            self.previous_z = self.odomData.z
            self.first_run = False

            # check that preempt (cancelation) has not been requested by the action client
            if self._as.is_preempt_requested():
                rospy.loginfo('The goal has been cancelled/preempted')
                # the following line, sets the client in preempted state (goal cancelled)
                success = False
                # we end the calculation of the Fibonacci sequence

            # build and publish the feedback message
            self._feedback.current_total = self.total_distance
            #succes true
            success = True

            # the sequence is computed at 1 Hz frequency

        if success:

            #append odometry readings for results
            rospy.loginfo("odometry data: {}".format(list(self._result.list_of_odoms)))
            rospy.loginfo("Returning odometry values")

if __name__ == '__main__':

Hi @mikellasa ,

You have this issue because you have total_distance and self.total_distance.
What you are forgetting to do is - update total_distance to the value of self.total_distance.
Your while loop condition is total_distance < lap.
But you are only updating self.total_distance inside your while loop.
You are not updating total_distance variable. So while loop does not finish and your total_distance stays at the same initial value, which is 0.

Your solution:

self.total_distance = self.total_distance + d_increment
total_distance = self.total_distance # add this line here!

The above is just a simple fix. Please be intuitive and refactor your code accordingly.

Hope I helped you fix your problem!