Actions quiz 2 ,doubt about python file name

for the quiz of actions what should be the name of the python file as it is not mentioned

  • The name of the package where you’ll place all the code related to the Quiz will be actions_quiz .

  • The name of the launch file that will start your Action Server will be action_custom_msg.launch .

  • The name of the action will be /action_custom_msg_as .

  • The name of your Action message file will be CustomActionMsg.action .

  • Before correcting your Exam, make sure that all your Python scripts are executalbe. They need to have full execution permissions in order to be executed by our autocorrection system. You can give them full execution permissions with the following command:
    the name of python file is not mentiones

Hi @AkshayNair, you can name the python file whatever you want; just make sure you use the same name in your launch file. Also, remember to make the file executable.

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