Actions_quiz autocorrection

I tested the code before submitting and it worked fine. The autocorrection system returned the following:

I assumed there was an error with the autocorrection system so I resubmitted without changing anything and the system returned:

Then I accidentally pressed on view the results and closed them immediately because I wanted to resubmit. But the system isn’t allowing me of course. And I am not able to see the correct answer because I closed the tab with the solutions. I just wanted to check if my code is fine. :blush:
Here I uploaded my code (removed by admin: please don’t share the code for an assessment publicly)

You should have complained about the correction system first, checking to see if your code is fine is the same as having the solution. You should never check the solution until you pass. Any problems before that should be addressed in here not by checking the solution. The first time you didn’t pass you should have double checked your code never resubmit immediately your likely to receive an error or the same score just as you did.

It did not show any error. The score just wasn’t 10 as it was supposed to be. I pressed ‘see the solution’ accidentally and without letting the page to load I closed it. Then I found out that I cannot reopen it. Whatever, thank you for the feedback!
(I just wanted to inform you about the issue with the correction system because it showed the different results with the same code. And it stopped at mark:7.5 without outputting any error at all the first time)