Actions quiz custom message help


I am having some issues with the action quiz custom message. The file’s custom message .h is not being found. However rosmsg list | grep is showing that the message exists. This is throwing a fatal error when I catkin_make. Screenshots below.

Any help? What am I missing?


I appear to have found the fix.

For anyone interested. I commented out the #include and the uses of the custom message. Then I ran catkin_make. Then I uncommented it. Perhaps the .h files are created upon catkin_make? Seems unusual it wouldn’t create that first before compiling the cpp file. However it appears to have fixed the issue.


Still getting the error. Not sure why it compiled sucessfully once.

Any help?

Hi John!

The problem is with your CMakeList.txt file.

The problem is described here (Hint: Jump to Step 3):

Please let us know if it helps.