Actions Quiz: Gradbot assessment is stuck for more than an hour

I am currently doing my Action quiz in the ROS Basic 5 Days Python course. I cross checked my quiz output and it works fine.

But when it is assessed by Gradbot, the assessment is stuck for more than an hour and could not get my quiz results at all.

The page became unresponsive on my 2nd attempt and I had to restart my browser.

But when I restarted the ROS development portal, it considered the number of attempts as 3 instead of 2.

Requesting you to make the number of attempts as 2 instead of 3.

Also kindly help me in the assessment delay of this quiz.

I am hereby attaching the screenshot of the assessments’ last step, where it is stuck!

Please check that you don’t have any infinite loops running and that your code is not crashing at any point.

In your code, you have a line that reads:

while not i == 3:

That should be:

while i < 3

That said, you do not need to publish to the topics in a loop You should see how to publish once to a topic and make it work.

Thanks a lot. The code works!!!

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