Active subscription, license expired. Can't access courses anymore

I couldn’t access my courses anymore, so I looked at the license status in my profile, but it shows its been expired. Just as a hit and trial, I clicked on the monthly subscription again and got this pop up:

“Subscription failed: you already have an active subscription to the product ‘Learner Monthly’. Only one active subscription is permitted. Your subscription is still active but your license has expired because autorenewal failed. Please contact us to resolve this issue.
Kindly help me through this.
Thank you

Hi @Kunal007,

Thank you for contacting us about this issue.

The problem is that we are not able to process the renewal of your license because the transaction was declined due to “insufficient funds”. Could you please ensure that the card you used is funded? Or we could cancel this subscription so you can take up another one.

Hey, the card is funded now.
Could you deduct the amount and activate the license now ?

Hey, thank you!

I triggered a retry of the renewal charge and it went through. Your license has been automatically activated.