Add an indicator for when the graphical interface is used

When executing a command that opens a graphical window, you have to click the little monitor beside the IDE to view the window. Students that are just learning ROS probably won’t know what commands open a GUI. If they were following a suggestion on a forum that told them to use a graphical tool, they might not think to click on the button. Adding an indicator to note that a window is open would be helpful. Something like a small red circle in the top corner.

Hi Kai,
we are providing an indication in the notebook to open the Graphical Tools including the icon and explanation about pushing it every time that we request to open a graphical tool.

However, your proposal is a lot better and more intuitive! So let us schedule adding this modification for the next two weeks. We will let you know when the feature is included.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion!! Keep sending them!!

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