Additional issue with ConstructSim Licenses


I had an important question regarding license purchase for ConstructSim. We have a University account and have purchased many licenses and ran into an issue when distributing them to the students. We had 10 licenses that were recently activated to be distributed and we purchased an additional 10 licenses so we are looking at a total of 20. However, when we tried to distribute this morning we noticed that only 10 of the 20 licenses are available. I am assuming that there could be a delay for the remaining licenses but I am reaching out to make sure that we haven’t missed any steps.

Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Nathan,

Thank you for contacting us.

This matter can be resolved on the email thread where the licenses were ordered. So, if the licenses were not ordered by you, please ask the person that ordered it to revert to the email thread.

Best regards,

Understood, I will have my professor get into contact through the email thread.

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