All complete but still 93%

Hello, I have complete all the quiz and tests in this course but the percentage is still 93%.
From the main course page I can not get any clue of what is missing.

Can you please tell me where I can check to find the missing parts?

Hi, what you need to do in order to complete the course is to complete the real robot rosject project (link at the end of unit 4). Once presented, you will have 100% completion

There’s actually a bug on that page, because it should not have marked the Topics unit as completed. You are yet to pass the quiz in the Understanding ROS2 Topics unit.

So, in addition to passing the Real Robot Project, you also need to score at least 5/10 in the topics quiz.

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Hi @bayodesegun, I am trying to update my topics_quiz package in order to pass the tests, but the Gradebot have give me some hard time.
Originally I have submitted the quiz 2/5 times, and this morning I have try to submit it, but I get the following errors/problem:

3 time) the session was automatically shut down by timeout
4 time) the quiz correction (nothing changed from the 3°) had give me 0 points

Luckily the 5° check end successfully with 10, but on 3° and 4° attempts I think to have discover a bug

Huh…did you save any screenshot or text of those errors messages? Did you change something before the 5th attempt?

3) a timeout usually indicates a problem within your code, some sort of infinite loop.
4) :thinking: can we trust your code to deliver consistently?

I have not save any screenshot because it did not show any error, the 3° time the gradebot was just started (without showing any points) and the 4° time I started the gradebot immediatly after the page refresh and it gives me 0 points…The only thing I change was the node name, the 3°/4°/5° attempts where done with the same code. and as I say the 5° time it gives me 10 points.

Okay thank you for clarifying. And congratulations on passing the quiz!

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