Always create packages (multiple packages) on the folder

Hi, i have a problem, when i catkin_make my workspace, why it always create a packages to my folder, which basiccaly i have the same packages on the other folder. So when i execute it, it just show the error message : Multiple packages found with the same name “yocs_velocity_smoother (my_package)”

I have to remove the packages, and it will get fine. It will turn into the same problem if i just catkin_make after editing / add new packages.

is the problem is from my settings?

Hi @billy.nugraha.s,

It appears that you are copying/pasting sensitive package files, CMakeLists.txt and package.xml specifically. This usually results in more than one package have the same package name specified in these files.

Better to create each package freshly, then copy in source/launch files and also edit them properly. Avoid copying CMakeLists.txt and package.xml like a plague :wink:.

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