Am I able to add a kinect 3d sensor to the drone?


So I’m in my final year of university. I need a lot of help developing a drone to carry out a search and track mission. I want my drone to navigate to the last known position of a target and carry out a search. However, I want my drone to plan its movements from its initial location to the last known position of the target. However, I need my drone to have a 3d sensor to be able to navigate using octomaps. Is there a drone online I can download and use which includes a 3d sensor (something like a kinect) connected to the drone? Or would I manually have to add the sensor to the drone? If so is there anyone that can help me?

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Hello @VincentDelphin ,

I don’t have an example of a drone with kinect sensor installed, but you can add such kind of sensor since you have a drone (there are some examples you can try):

And here you can see an example of a robot that has a kinect camera

It is not straightforward to what you are looking for, but I suggest that you understand the concepts one by one and compose your own solution, since it is something very specific to your project.