Any course regarding making environment?

Respected Professor,
Is there any course in this robotigniteacademy regarding, making simulation environment for a robot ? If yes, would you please tell my by what name because I checked all the courses and couldn’t find it.
My project review is on 26th of this month and I have to make environment for our team…
If it’s not there, would you please give me some suggestions for resources ?

Hi @abdulbasitisdost,

I’m not sure what you mean by “making simulation environment for a robot”, but I suppose you mean building a robot simulation.

We have a course, URDF for Robot Modelling that teaches how to build simulated robots. We also have another course, Building your First Robot, which teaches you how to build a real robot and the simulated version.

All the best in your project.

Thank you for your kind wishes
Prof, what I mean is…building the 3d environment for the robot, the surrounding in which it can move. I need this to make rough and smooth terrains for the robot and see it’s reactions.
Similar to this pic where a wall and some space is it’s surrounding.

here’s another one

Professor, My friend and I are taking simulation part in our project. Our job is to make the terrain for the robot and do navigation and mapping for it. But, I’m getting hard time knowing which part to start with. I think the robot surrounding environment would be the right first step. But I’m not sure. If you take me through the steps, and share corresponding resources, I would be grateful for that.
Thank you, once again

Hi @abdulbasitisdost,

If you want to build the environment, check out, which is the tool for building the environments shown above.