Applying "simple_grasping" to my robot arm(2475)?

roslaunch simple_grasping_2475 basic_perception_dbg_2475.launch

#gazebo & Rviz Running…2475

rostopic echo /basic_grasping_perception/find_objects/result

rostopic pub /basic_grasping_perception/find_objects/goal grasping_msgs/FindGraspableObjectsActionGoal “header:
seq: 0
secs: 0
nsecs: 0
frame_id: ‘base_link’
secs: 0
nsecs: 0
id: ‘’
plan_grasps: false”

------------------------------------------> 1th_per_Test_Result:
camera: d435i
#PointCloud2…5th,6th image
/basic_grasping_perception/object_cloud ------>> Nothing★
/basic_grasping_perception/support_cloud ------>> Nothing★
/camera/depth_registered/points ------>> OK

[ERROR]: Failed to get camera data in alloted time★★★ <<------------------

Thank you.
P.S: Object detection (TF) verified using “Find-Object”…7th image

Hello @mdc1020,

So the problem is that it doesn’t get the camera data? In that case, probably you’d need to change the topic name in perception node (and recompile), here:


Thank you for answer
Modify Camera Topic >> object/support Detection Not …My Robot 2475 <1,2th image>

So I installed fetch on my pc…Ubuntu 16/kinetic

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-fetch-gazebo-demo

…bitbucket PKG…Not gazebo Exe


  1. goal command >> perception Node Kill / 3th image
  2. integrated: <navi,per,MoveIt,pick> ----> pick object Error (U16,U18:melodic testED)

So…Tiago: I plan to study
“pick and place” Not Easy…HaHaHa

Hello @mdc1020,

This is the problem with local setups… When things don’t work as expected, it’s very hard for us to try to help, since every single person has a different setup which can influence the results in a different way. If you feel so, you could try to put everything into a ROSject so that we can try to help you better.


I had the same issue (in ROS2 manipulation w/moveit exercise). I didn’t dig enough to find a root cause, but found out extending the time before simple_grasping aborts the action call (from 3 secs to 7 secs on the Robot Ignite) has been effective for me.

I made simple_grasping configurable 130s/simple_grasping!1 (specifically this commit for the very issue in question).