Autoware installation: it needs more memory

to install autoware it needs more or less 6Gb of free space respect 2GB of the own availability. It is not possible save the installation.
Is there a solution?

Hi Salvatore (@saxosun),

I think AutoWare does not run well on The Construct with a normal subscription exactly because of the resource limit. A basic license only provides a limited amount of RAM and CPU.

For people who are in the Master or with an Enterprise License, we provide 15GB of RAM and 8 Cores.

We would love to allow anyone to easily run heavy programs on The Construct, some used for Artificial Intelligence, but we still lack the resources.

Hello Ralves, I have an Enterprice License but only 2GB?! why?

We have replied to your email to clarify. Please let us know if you still have questions.

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