Axclient not found in Noetic

I’m in ROS IN 5 DAYS, Unit 7: ROS Actions: Clients, Ex 7.11

I ran roslaunch ardrone_as action_server.launch in Webshell1 and then rosrun actionlib /ardrone_action_server in Webshell2.

Got the message : [rosrun] Couldn’t find executable named below /opt/ros/noetic/share/actionlib

Looks like actionlib tools aren’t in the noetic actionlib folder?

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Just tested it in the Noetic Version of the course and , it didnt guive me that error.
I executed the following:

#! /usr/bin/env python
import rospy
import time
import actionlib
from ardrone_as.msg import ArdroneAction, ArdroneGoal, ArdroneResult, ArdroneFeedback

nImage = 1

# definition of the feedback callback. This will be called when feedback
# is received from the action server
# it just prints a message indicating a new message has been received
def feedback_callback(feedback):
    global nImage
    print('[Feedback] image n.%d received'%nImage)
    nImage += 1

# initializes the action client node

# create the connection to the action server
client = actionlib.SimpleActionClient('/ardrone_action_server', ArdroneAction)
# waits until the action server is up and running

# creates a goal to send to the action server
goal = ArdroneGoal()
goal.nseconds = 10 # indicates, take pictures along 10 seconds

# sends the goal to the action server, specifying which feedback function
# to call when feedback received
client.send_goal(goal, feedback_cb=feedback_callback)

# Uncomment these lines to test goal preemption:
#client.cancel_goal()  # would cancel the goal 3 seconds after starting

# wait until the result is obtained
# you can do other stuff here instead of waiting
# and check for status from time to time 
# status = client.get_state()
# check the client API link below for more info


print('[Result] State: %d'%(client.get_state()))

And then executed the folwing commands:

rosrun unit7_pkg
roslaunch ardrone_as action_server.launch

And it worked. Please check that you made executable by

chmod +x

That could be generating that error.

I don’t think this is the solution. I have the same problem that is missing, whereas is certainly executable.

Hi, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are working on implementing an axclient for noetic. For now, I’d ask you to skip exercise 7.11. I will come back here as soon as possible and notify you that it’s ready.

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Hi, this issue is fixed. Just something to take into account, instead of rosrun actionlib /ardrone_action_server, the command is now rosrun actionlib_tools /ardrone_action_server


@roalgoal Thanks for the update, it works! Can you update the instructions to reflect that in Section 7.11? (As of Feb. 3, the instructions are not asking for actionlib_tools). Also, can you do a search and replace for “Exercice” → “Exercise”.


this what i get when i execute the command. what am I doing wrong?

I believe it is working fine, did you have any trouble seeing the client in the Graphical Tools?

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