BASIC - BotBox Warehouse Lab

They are some projects included in the BotBox Warehouse Lab. Are they based on ROS2? If yes, which version?

Yes, there are 4 projects included for you and your students:

  • ROS 2 Basics: In this project, students will create ROS 2 nodes to make a robot patrol a warehouse, capturing images of points of interest while tracking the distance traveled. Application of ROS2 topics, services and actions
  • Line Follower: In this project, students will develop a basic line follower algorithm to move robots between rooms following the red-line routes established in the warehouse, using OpenCV together with ROS2
  • Robot Navigation with Nav2: In this project, students will correctly configure Nav2 to guide the robots through warehouse rooms, avoiding static and dynamic obstacles and including forbidden zones.
  • Perception & Grasping: The BotBox Warehouse features ‘pallet cubes’ designed to be grasped by the HumbleGrip TortoiseBot. In this project, students will detect and grasp pallet cubes for transportation from the storage area to the truck docking area.

Projects are based on ROS2 Humble.

Great! Thank you for the reply. I think I will buy a kit.
Do you know if there is a possibility to add an extra sensor?

Yes you can add extra sensors like IMUs, RGB-D camera or so. You only need to connect them to one of the free Raspberry USB ports and install the ROS2 drivers for it. Make sure the ROS2 driver exists for the sensor.

The robots have 3 USB ports available, but also take into account the amount of energy your sensor requires as the Raspberry may not be able to deliver if you require too much (for instance, in case you connect 3 more LIDAR for sure it won’t be able).

Thanks a lot!
Sounds promising

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