Basic Mathematics for Robotics: Exercise 2.3

Hello! I was working through Exercise 2.3 for Basic Maths for Robotics and observed a slight bug in the operation of the solution. As the robot completes the first leg of the triangle it begins turning in an infinite circle. After a little bit of debugging, I noticed this was due to the target_angle calculation in the turn() method of the TurtlebotMoves class. I added a few print statements and observed that the target_angle value was getting set outside the range of valid angles (approx 7.75 rad) which resulted in the error_angle never reaching the 0.1 goal. I added some bounds checking after the target_angle calculation in the turn() method (line 94) and I believe the robot is now driving as desired:
if target_angle > 2*np.pi: target_angle -= 2*np.pi
Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot for the report of the Bug.
We have deployed your suggestion. It may take soe days to update due to the systems traffic :wink: