BasicROS2 Ex2.6 error occured

When I followed example script, error comes out and failed to execute below command.
roslaunch my_package my_package_launch_file.launch

Hi, welcome to the community!

Example 2.6 shows the steps required to launch a simple node from the launch file you are mentioning.

If there is an error by that point (the last step), then you have skipped a step or made a mistake previously.

What is the error that shows up when you try to launch that file?

Please review all of the steps to make sure you aren’t missing anything.


I uploaded error message image.
please check this out.
I’ve just copied and pasted.

Thank you.

The error indicates that the node simple is not present (not created or built) in the package my_package.

What is the “compile output” name specified for your node in CMakeLists.txt? Note that this might be different from the file name (which is probably simple.cpp).

From your compilation message, I see that a node named my_package_node was built. Perhaps that’s the node name you should specify in your launch file instead of simple.

@sunnypinkpro I just checked and it seems you have resolved the error with @bayodesegun’s suggestions.

Please mark as solution if so! Keep pushing your ROS learning :mechanical_arm:

I solved this issue too.


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