Blob detection after exercise U1-1 does not work correctly in unit 2

I am working on the perception module in unit 2 in preparation of exercise U1-2. I manage to get the red ball in the field of view of the robot, I can use the GUI to get the RBG and the YUV values. When I fill them into my colors.txt, the detection algorithm doesn’t recognize them correctly. In the best case scenario, it recognizes the red ball as yellow. When I use the default values in the notebook or my own values, it doesn’t show the red color.

Am I doing something wrong or is the VM broken?

Here is a video of the situation:

I’ve checked and for me t seems to work , so there might be something strange there. Lt me post here the main files that work for me:

I got this result launching it:

Maybe for some reason it was getting the yellow first. I would try to just place the RedBall colour an then add other colours and see if that’s the issue.

Based on the results I get from:

rostopic echo /blobs

I assume that this is not the issue in my case. There is only Yellow being detected. No RedBall at all.