Blob_tracking package missing from workspace when the course is started

I just started the ROS Perception In 5 Days course but immediately I cannot run the first command in the webshell because the blob_tracking package is not found.

Hi Nic,
can you please check that you typed the command properly?

I have personally checked that the system is working and that the command works (see attached picture).

It is very common to have typos in ROS due to the long commands. So please check there is no typos (the best way is to copy/paste the command)

In case you are still suffering the problem, let me know and we will give first priority to this problem.

Initially I was able to launch blob_tracking package and control Mira in Excercises U1-2 and U1-3; however, after jumping forth-and-back through the Units, the package could no longer be launched or located within Units 1 nor 2, despite indeed being saved in bash_history.
$ search blob_tracking yielded no results either!
This must be a bug.

Hi, I am doing the project step 1 , which encoding the pink ball, but the blob_tracking pkg which contains start_colour_gui.launch is not found. Would environent variable is not same as Unit1? What can i do?