Blob_tracking start_colour_gui_t3.launch

cant find launch file start_colour_gui_t3.launch

roslaunch blob_tracking start_colour_gui_t3.launch
[start_colour_gui_t3.launch] is neither a launch file in package [blob_tracking] nor is [blob_tracking] a launch file name

start_colour_gui.launch is present!
but i get no image when i open the Graphic Interface, while the frame for the app is there


Hello @lwidowski,

Yes, that’s an error on our side. Meanwhile we solve it, I suggest you create the launch file in a package of yours and launch it from there. Here you have the contests of the launch file:


    <arg name="image_topic" default="/camera/rgb/image_raw"/>

    <node name="color_gui_node" pkg="cmvision" type="colorgui" respawn="false"


        <remap from="image" to="$(arg image_topic)"/>