Body parts not available

I have been following your course for a month now. And when I am about to start this particular one, Some, body parts are not available, like magician chassis as this product is discontinued. So I came up with an idea to replicate this using acrylic sheets to make one, but the problem with the motors, Because motors used in this course have equipped with rotary encoders, but easily available are same motors with a magnetic one. So, I am stuck there. Please help and give me any alternate ideas to complete this course.


Alternatives are:

  1. Waveshare JetBot AI Kit Smart Robot Based on Jetson Nano Developer Kit, you replace jeysn nano with raspberry pi and you will have the same system.
  2. You can invets on a Turtlebot3 that will give you more functionalityand the servos haveencoders built in.

Thanks for your reply. But, They are very costly. However, I got the alternatives to building the same project and most of the components are delivered at my address, some are on the way.

I also see that some of the parts are very expensive. @shravistakashyap Can you share the alternate parts you are considering?