Bot keeps doing recovery maneuver

I am doing navigation exam. Although I checked the parameter again and again to make sure their correctness, the bot somehow keep doing recovery maneuver, even there is no obstacle in front of it, and still plenty space around it. I also changed the location of two spots many times but condition remains. When time out the systems shows something like this: “ERROR] [1635947842.214021950, 2092.600000000]: Aborting because the robot appears to be oscillating over and over. Even after executing all recovery behaviors”

Any idea?

Hello @Kane168 ,

Is this happening when the robot is close to the goal? Is everything else working OK (both costmaps are showing correctly, etc…)? If that’s the case, then you might need to increase the goal tolerance parameters from the local planner.

Hi Alberto

Yes, though it looks arrive at the goal, the bot seems to keep adjusting its position. Unfortunately condition remains after increasing goal tolerance of the local planner.

Hello @Kane168 ,

Could you share some more data on this? For instance:

  • Your local planner parameters
  • What you see in Rviz
  • Log messages when it’s trying to reach the goal but it activates the recovery behaviors

Alternatively, you can create a rosject with your code and share it with us so that we can directly test it.