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Dear Teammates at The Construct.

Please be kind enough to check whether Line 148 at the "robot_control_class.py" Module ("Introduction to PYTHON" Course) needs to be de-indented since, as per my best understanding, the current indentation of the stop_robot() Method regrettably hampers the "Summit" robot to move forward when requested.

As I just have successfully checked, on de-indenting said line, the stop_robot() method is taken out of the while() loop just sitting above… thus enabling the effective movement of the robot.

Thank you very much in advance for your precious help!

You are correct! The stop_robot() method should be outside the loop.

That said, I would be surprised to find out that it was indented (and inside the loop) in the original robot_control_class.py supplied for the course. Perhaps it got modified after you copy-pasted it…

UPDATE: I checked, and the original code does not have that indent.

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My fault then, @bayodesegun, I’m really sorry for not having noticed it before.
Thank you very much anyway for your fast and kind help, it’s much appreciated!

Keep this good job at The Construct going!

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