[Bug] ROS2 can not find launch file

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Hello. Even if I followed all necessary steps, I got an error which says Ros2 can not find the launch file

Hi @koray
Have you run the colcon build successfully in the ros2_ws?
Your CMakeList.txt file should have these lines to execute and launch file, for example:

# Install the executable

# Install the launch file

Please give me more information about this, so I can help you take a look.
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@skynguyen1402 I believe OP is working in a Python package so there is no CMakeList.txt.

@koray I agree this issue seems like it could be due to not running colcon build successfully, or not including the path
(os.path.join('share', package_name), glob('launch/*.launch.py'))
in the data_files list in the setup.py file.

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Thank you very much. That was the problem.

@koray I’m glad we were able to help and welcome to the community. (For future reference, you can select an answer as the solution so people who face the same issue can look back at your posts to see what worked!)

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A fellow learner

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