[Bug] Succeeded but Gradebot says not subscribed

This is an error report.

Screenshot of the error

Error details

Helllo, I followed every specifications (file name, topic name) and the robot moved correctly: avoid the sphere and move forward). But Gradebot says that it didnt subscribe from /scan topic. Could you tell me what is wrong here?

I had checked “topic info” while the programme running and it subscribs as shown.
Does anyone else have the same problem and know of a solution?

From what you shared here, the name of your node was incorrect:

  • The name of the node was supposed to be topics_quiz_node, but you named it avoid_sphere.
  • This grader suggested this to you in its feedback, and you didn’t act on it:

✖ [20:12:16] [assess] Not subscribed to /scan. I had big plans for this!
- Did you create a subscriber correctly to the topic /scan in your source code?
- Did you name your node correctly in the C++ source? It should be topics_quiz_node (mark: 4.0)

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